1990sBTCC.com’s TOCA 2 Competition

Do you still play TOCA 2: Touring Cars? This was an iconic game released at the of 1998 and featured the cars and the teams of the 1998 British Touring Car Championship, along with excellently recreated circuits from the championship.

Many fans still play this game today & we’ve decided to create a bit of a challenge.

You have until Wednesday 31st August to try and lap as fast as you can on the Brands Hatch Circuit, using whatever Super Touring car you like. Weather must be set to Dry and you can tune the car as much as you wish.

Any person found modifying or hacking the game to achieve a unrepresentative lap time or doctoring their evidence of their lap WILL be removed from the competition and barred from any future competition 1990sBTCC.com runs.

How to Enter

Make sure the following settings are selected, or your entry will NOT count!

& Standard Time Trial
Make sure the weather is set to SUNNY
Select track as BRANDS HATCH

Set as many laps as you want & when you have finished, make sure you take a screenshot of the fastest laps screen, as below and submit by clicking the submit button below! The screenshot can be a photo of the TV screen or a screenshot from the game, it doesn’t matter.

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