The 1990s BTCC blog is an amateur blogging website that shares interactive content about the Super Touring era of the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC).

During this era, the BTCC became the most popular motorsport series outside of Formula 1. Its meteoric rise to stardom from a poorly contested and confusing multi class series, into a world famous and popular championship was essentially a brilliant marketing exercise, but it also produced some of the best motor racing ever seen.

The success of the series was due to a combination of factors. Simple rules combined with an excellent media package made the series popular with manufacturers and spectators alike and it quickly became the most important touring car championship in the world.

Introduced in 1991 as the “2 litre Touring Car Formula”, the Super Touring formula got stronger and stronger each year. At its peak, the series had ten manufacturers participating and was pulling in crowds in similar numbers to that of an average Premier football match. As for TV coverage, worldwide viewing figures were being measured in millions for each round.

The 90’s were boom years for the BTCC, but by the end of the millennium, the series had started to decline. The cost of participating was becoming too much for most manufacturers and only a few with deep enough pockets were able to continue. The end of the Super Touring era had come.

Even though the popularity of the BTCC spawned a number of books, magazines and even video games, there still appears to be very few websites that cover the series during one of its most exciting and successful periods. This site has therefore been set-up to correct this situation.

Many thanks to the drivers, team members and other personalities from the era, who often share their memories and stories of the era with the site.

If you’d like to get in touch, or tell us what you think of the blog, please email us at editor@1990sBTCC.com – we would love to hear from you!

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