TOCA 2 Challenge: Brands Hatch Laptime Board

These are the current standings for our TOCA 2: Touring Cars challenge at Brands Hatch! When you submit a time, please wait some time before the entry is confirmed and placed onto the lap time chart!

Any entry found abusing the organisers for not quickly adding their times, will be removed from the competition. reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone we suspect of cheating and our decision is final.

Driver NameCarAT/MTFormatLaptime
Sonny CookVolvoMTPC36.71
Daniel HoustonNissanMTPS136.76
Bradley TarltonFordMTPC36.85
Mikail HizalNissanMTPS136.95
Matt SmithNissanATPC37.12
Ross RizzoNissanMTPS137.16
Timo LofmanNissanMTPC37.22
Brett JonesNissanATPS137.35
Elsa BateNissanMTPS137.49
Matt SmithNissanATPC38.03
Paul JohnstonNissanATPS138.10
Mike WestermanNissan MTPS138.11
Mateusz RytelRenaultMTPS138.26
Derek MulderNissanMTPS138.28
Andy GoveNissanATPS138.37
David BlockleyRenaultATPS138.62
Mateusz RytelNissanMTPS138.72
Valentin BiasolaNissanMTPC38.76
Adam ChapmanNissanMTPC38.85
Matthew VonaNissanATPS139.02
Grant HerringtonNissanATPS139.11
Ben PerryNissanATPC39.23
Andy DayNissanATPS139.26
James MorganRenaultATPS139.54
Aaron SlaterNissanATPS139.54
Adam DixonNissanMTPS139.62
Chris FosterNissanMTPC39.70
Salvatore TurcoNissanATPS139.77
Ben TabikhVolvoATPS140.05
Alex LiengHondaMTPS140.30
Chris WhalenNissanATPS140.37
 Daniel CociancichHondaATPS140.45
Garry TurnerNissanATPS140.54
Ian RigsbyNissanATPS140.63
David CastroPeugeotMTPS140.88
Dave BrayVolvoATPS141.04
Rudi CostaNissanATPS141.04
Adam MundellNissanMTPS141.32
Sam PenfoldFordATPS141.52
Ben JonesRenaultATPS141.74
Will MataPeugeotATPS141.88
Luke ColkVolvoATPS142.05
Marc HiltonHondaMTPS142.12
Chris FisherRenaultATPS142.32
Ben HarveyPeugeotATPS142.66
Tom HarveyNissanATPS143.03
Guillermo BiasolaNissanATPC43.48
Rizqi Dwi HarwindaAudiMTPC44.69
Ashley JohnsonFordMTPS145.18
Stephan SchneiderNissanATPS145.44
Travis LauschFordATPS146.79
Roland HillPeugeotATPS147.52
Russ StearnPeugeotATPC1:02.01
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