Your Unpopular BTCC Super Touring Opinions

We recently reached out to our social media followers (there are nearly 30,ooo of you!) to gather your unpopular takes on the BTCC during the Super Touring era! We asked you to keep it clean and respectful & if you were able to do that, you may just find your take below!

Which ones have you foaming at the mouth and want to make you smash your screen in?! Let us know in the comments and feel free to add your own!

“Watching the wardrobes on wheels that was Lammers and Rydells Volvo 850 Estates, being revealed, developed and improving performances was more interesting than watching BMW, Alfa Romeo or Audi win anything..” Adam King

“The cut out front guard/fenders/wings of the later cars didn’t look as good compared with the earlier ones with their tucked wheels.” Steve Wandel

“They should have kept the homologation requirements, or even made them stricter, rather than allowing the changes for the 1995 season, following the homologation specials of 1994.” James Morgan

“Cleland was robbed in 1992, it was his title and Soper deliberately rammed him off the road so his team mate could win.” David Hawkins

Was Cleland robbed at the end of 1992? David Hawkins thinks so!

“I think there was a definite shift in mid 90s, where it became clear it was heading in an unsustainable direction & was only going to lead to the mass exit of manufacturers. If the regulations were tighter and the championship was better managed, I think the ST demise could have been avoided.” Jonny Styles.

“Mansell’s drive at Donington in 1998 was overrated and he benefitted massively from the car being good in the wet.” Levi Reilly

“Audi were well within their right to use 4WD and were robbed when they had to take a weight penalty for it.” Paul Becker

“Simoni and Reid were the most under rated touring car drivers to run in the BTCC.” Dam Ces

“Rickard Rydell was the most uncertain champion in the super touring era. He won more by luck of other teams technical issues than his own skill. He seemed to go downhill as a driver when he was heading the championship and became very inconsistent.” Ash Brewster

“John Bintcliffe was well out of his league in the series.” Deano Johns

“Rouse cars made Radisich look good.” Chris Phillips

Did ARE cars make Radisich look better than he was? Chris Phillips thinks so!

“The 1997 Nissan RML livery was meh at best with the yellow!” Ash Scales

“The Volvo estate was a hideous gimmick.” Ricky Pyle

“Williams Renault swapping their iconic yellow and blue livery to green for the 1998 season was a big mistake.” Paul Walton

“Tiff Needell was better than Nigel Mansell.” Carl Bevan

“Warwick should never have sat in a touring car!” Mark Walsh

Should Warwick have steered clear of the BTCC? Mark Walsh thinks so!

“Brands ‘98, Reid should’ve maintained the win. He was faster, Rydell was driving in his mirrors and harsher and cheekier moves happened in that era (and season) and went unpunished.” Jay Yarnold

“Peugeot could have been something, if it was ran properly.” Dennis Knight

“Don’t know why Ford bothered to sign Steve Robertson.” Ben Keating

“Charlie Cox and John Watson were a better commentary duo than Murray Walker. Rik McCloud

Nigel Mansell’s 93 & 98 stints were both marred by his persecution complex & the fact he has the audacity to blame Needell for the shunt in the TOCA shootout of 1993 staggers me.” Harry Preece

“Craig Baird should have had the full season!” Chris Clark

Should Craig Baird have been given a full season in the Mondeo? Chris Clark thinks so!

“Pit stops ruined the spectacle.” Chris Lammas

“Jason Plato didn’t deserve the Renault drive.” Mike Kirk

“Honda underachieved massively during the late 90s, given the driving talent they had at their disposal.” Philip West

“Hamish Irvine didn’t get enough appreciation for turning up on the grid with far inferior equipment to the works teams.” Pete the Paint

“Anthony Reid should have been the champion in 2000.” William Mata

I hated the Mansell hype!” Peter Jones

“The 850 Estate in 1994 was a big pile of horse poo. It was the equivalent of me turning up to the Olympics to do the 100m final. It didn’t even look that nice…’s an estate!” Peter Laborne

Do you agree with Peter’s unpopular opinion?!

“The 850 saloon was cooler than the estate, because it was actually competitive.” Antony Ingram

“The 1998 season is over rated.” Jordan Impact

“Steve Soper didn’t take John Cleland out deliberately.” Clark Duffy

“Driver interviews at the time were very egotistical, but that made for a spectacle on track.” Ben Wagenaar

“It peaked at the final round in 1992.” Kris Kowalewski

“I wasn’t a fan of Charlie Cox.” Chris Aylott

“Toyota really should have done better in the mid 90s , it was a crying shame the Carina wasn’t more competive.” Simon Molloy